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What people say!

Phil Dixon
Cheshire Audio

PHAENON Speaker Isolation Platforms.

"They're so easy to set up!  As soon as i put the speakers onto the PHAENON there was an expansion of the soundstage, clarity of vocals and instruments having their own space. The PHAENON is way better than the isolation bars I've been using. The Kudos speakers are the best I've ever heard them sound in my demo room. I'm really impressed, they're superb!"

Janine Elliot
Expert Reviewer

"The deep bass at the beginning seemed better controlled and the soundstage was better placed. Instruments were clearly placed and slightly tighter sounding. Everything just seemed so much more precise and gave the music a much better-balanced performance. Any vibrations I tried to provoke just didn’t account for much. I was really trying to be mean, but in the end, I just gave up and simply just listened to the gorgeous music."

Check out the full review here

Ian Smith

"The DUO NIVA isolation platform is superbly built and looks great. One of the things I love about it is how easy it is to load my equipment onto the platform, the cut outs allow you to lower heavy kit on without trapping your fingers! But the real magic happens when you start listening. I couldn't believe the difference it made in the performance of my streamer and DAC. This is a must-have product for any serious audiophile"

Trev Peterson

"This is a game changer!  A friend recommended that i tried the OHJATA platform after he'd had great results under his DAC. I wanted to try some isolation under my Rega Planet CD player and the sound quality immediately improved. I could hear subtle details in my music that I hadn't noticed before. This platform is perfect for someone who wants to elevate their system, without breaking the bank. If you're looking for a simple and effective way to improve your listening, I recommend giving the OHJATA isolation platform a try"

Ian Dunmore

"I traded my original Brij for the new Brij Nedan 2.0, the process was nice and simple and this updated design has all the sonic benefits of the original but with a much smaller footprint.

Comparing my Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace with and without the Brij, I can safely say when using the Brij there is a darkness around the instruments, which are absolutely focused in there position, best of all it looks great!"

Andrew White

"I bought my first Brij Nedan a couple of years ago and was absolutely knocked out by the vast improvement in my turntable's performance. When you recently updated the design, I couldn't help but take the plunge again for the rather more svelte model.

The result is the same outstanding performance in a more shelf friendly package. The bonus for me has been to now move the original Brij to support my amplifier and, quite frankly, make further sound improvements to what I had thought was a pretty good system.

Thank you for your persistence in design progression and I can't wait to try the new platforms"

Vincent NG

"I was gobsmacked right from the beginning, even with the system cold the clarity of the sound was absolutely astounding!"

"I always found this album to sound surprisingly good audibly but I have not heard it sound so fantastic!"

"There were several "Wow!" exclamations out loud as each different astounding aspects of the sound hit me"

"The clarity was incredible. The sound very open, every instrument or voice was locked into place, each having a wonderful space about it. In fact what came to mind was that each NOTE appeared to have its own space, almost like having an ambience around it"

"Rim shots, anything percussive, sounded incredibly crisp, sharp, fast. Notes decayed beautifully"

"The top end also appears quite a bit brighter, and more forward and in quantity, so much so that I have had to set the Graham Slee Elevator Exp MC pre-preamp back to the standard recommended 100 ohm loading for the Denon DL-103 R as the 5100 ohm setting, which I had been using previously to liven and open up the cartridge sound, is now almost too much!"

"Listening to the big bass drum on the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, it sounds wonderfully deep, resonant and full"

"I should have gone to sleep ages ago, but even at this late hour, as I write this, I am listening to Jazz At The Pawnshop, which even at a very low volume, sounds better than I have heard it previously"

"Thank you for your wonderful Brij Nedan. I am so glad I managed to grab this one at its bargain price!"

Phil Dixon
Cheshire Audio

"My favourite product of 2022!Sonically the Brij Nedan is absolutely amazing and way better than i expected. I've not come across any equipment that hasn't been improved by using the Brij Nedan. It provides better dynamics, more clarity, more space around the instruments so if you like your current system the Brij will give you more of what you love about your system.

The first time i tried one was under an Atoll CD100 CD player and there was such a noticeable difference straight way that i didn't have to do any A/B comparisons but its just as effective under Turntables, amplifiers etc, they all benefit from good isolation"

Lee Proctor
Yorkshire AV LTD

Lee was called out to one of his customers who was struggling with a lot of subsonic feedback in his system and the Brij Nedan 2.0 became a key part in solving the issues. Here are a  few words from Lee

"Immediately we could sense that the bass was overpowering and bloated and the rack wasn't isolating the turntable.

We installed a Brij Nedan 2.0 isolation platform which immediately resolved the feedback issue. The customer only listens to vinyl so this was a key upgrade for them"

Philip D

"I’ve just bought the Brij Nedan 2.0 and it’s made my Rega 10 sound even better, cannot recommend it enough!"

Brain Morris
Brian & Trevors

"A great product that really works and makes such a difference under so many pieces of equipment, we now use the Nedan 2.0 under pretty much all our demonstration equipment"

Saul Keyworth

Saul's kind words about how we do business

"Thank you, will definitely give feedback on platform and pads. As for service - courteous, professional, outstanding! No doubt I will be back for more pads"

And Saul indeed came back for more of our 4SQD pads :)

Phil Dixon
Cheshire Audio

Philip tried one of our early prototypes and was blown away by its performance, here are a few of his many glowing comments.

"The cleverness of this design is overwhelming, its a little bit of genius. The whole thing is just so impressive and sonically its amazing. After all my room tweaks the platforms was the most impressive tweak, bringing a 3D imagery and clearing away a lot of dross in the background. It moved the Rega P8 turntable much closer to the performance of the Rega P10 which is quite a feat, I want one . . . i don't often say that but its an absolute gem"

Rob Marsden

"I have your original bridge and its transformed my Luxman turntable. Previous Bass feedback issues were immediately resolved, a real upgrade! "

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