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Reviews from the industry.

We know how great our platforms are and of course we also receive incredible feedback and comments from our customers but its also really helpful to have the opinions of 'experts' who have a wealth of experience of other products and brands. Here you'll find written and video reviews from the media and some of our retailers.

Brij Nedan 2.0 audio isolation platform review

Janine Elliot - HiFi Pig

Janine Elliot takes a look at the Brij Nedan 2.0 isolation platform . . .  she's surprised by the results and so is her cat!

Lee Proctor - Yorkshire AV

Lee is the man behind Yorkshire AV based near Selby in East Yorkshire and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the audio industry. In this video he outlines where and when to use isolation and the many benefits of our platforms. Fast forward to 16 minutes

Audite Acoustics audio isolation platform review.
Audite Acoustics audio isolation platform review.

Philip Dixon - Cheshire Audio

Philip of Cheshire Audio in Crewe is another one of our great retailers with decades of experience in the industry. Philip reviews the Brij Nedan 2.0 and announces it as his favourite product of 2022 . . . an astonishing accolade given that we are competing with some huge brand names and incredible components!

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