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Hanging out with ISOL-X Advanced Technology

The ISOL-X technology is a unique linkage suspension system which allows our BRIJ NEDAN 2.0 platform to hang in tension, rather than the standard compression approach used in traditional audio isolation.

These hangers are made from our proprietary ISOL-X material, a super strong, woven hybrid material.

Unlike steel wire, that can ring and transmit high levels of energy, ISOL-X exhibits exceptional acoustic dampening with a super low cross sectional area which is an unparalleled combination.

This incredibly strong and flexible hybrid fibre allows the top to move freely on the horizontal plane and as such the top doesn’t touch anything around its sides, top or bottom creating a feeling of a floating platform.

Although completely flexible these linkages are not elastic so have near zero stretch and are extraordinarily strong for their low diameter (less than 0.5mm) and because of their low stretch, their resonant frequency changes very little as equipment is added to the platform.
The only physical connection between your equipment and anything else around is limited to these four super strong, low diameter linkages.

Imagine something weighing 25kg being hung from these four strands which added together are less than 1mm in cross sectional area and you start to understand the true innovation behind the Brij.

The chart below shows the test results of the BRIJ NEDAN 2.0, carried out in our own test facility. It clearly shows the performance and effectiveness of the BRIJ in reducing unwanted vibrations and interference across an extensive frequency range.

Chart showing the damping behaviour of the Audite Acoustics Brij Nedan 2.0 audio isolation platform

Good isolation is essential but there is still scepticism around this subject which can only be addressed by testing and because listening is such a subjective area, we wanted to provide quantitative measurements to back up the audible improvements of using our platforms. This eliminates the subjective part of audio listening and as a business we believe performance data allows us to talk the talk and walk the walk!

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