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Our new PHAENON Speaker Isolation Platforms are the most advanced speaker isolation system for audio enthusiasts looking to elevate their listening experience.

An essential component for optimising speaker performance by isolating them from the floor and preventing unwanted vibrations that can both emanate from the speaker or be received by the speaker from the external environment.

The PHAENON offers a remarkable solution to the issue of degradation in sound quality caused by seismic activity and room/floor interactions. Speakers are shielded from vibrations and resonances, resulting in greater detail and clarity, more controlled bass, deeper soundstage while allowing for elevated volume levels without disturbing those nearby.

Listeners can expect a more immersive and enjoyable listening experience, allowing them to hear their favourite music in a whole new way.

Designed to bring about enhanced performance to all types of speakers including floor standers, stand mount with stand, bookshelf or subwoofers they incorporate and showcase some of our latest innovative trickle down technologies which include,


  • The next level 'ISOL-X2' technology is the latest generation of our ground-breaking, proprietary hanger technology and allows us to increase the maximum loading capacity of our range.


  • Our ‘Deep Layer Chassis Construction’ (DLCC) not only increases the mass and stiffness of the platform, its innovative design allows us to incorporate our all new 'Concealed Design System' (CDS).


  • ‘CDS’ is a design philosophy that focuses on ensuring that the technical/mechanical parts of our products do not compromise the aesthetics, in simple terms our new designs allow us to hide the things that make our platforms so effective.


  • Fully adjustable levelling system which uses our proprietary foot technology.

During initial testing, the difference the PHAENON made to the sound of the speakers and system was referred to as “a game changer” by one customer and “simply astounding” by another.

Available in Matte Black and Matte White

What we love . . .
The astonishing improvement in overall sound quality!

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Images coming soon
Price £1,495.00 RRP (per pair)

Dimensions (approx)

Length 350mm

Width 250mm

Height 75mm

Max Load 40kg

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Images coming soon
Price £1,895.00 RRP (per pair)

Dimensions (approx)

Length 450mm

Width 350mm

Height 75mm

Max Load 60kg

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Images coming soon
Price £2,195.00 RRP (per pair)

Dimensions (approx)

Length 650mm

Width 500mm

Height 75mm

Max Load TBC (kg)

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