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Got a question?

  • What's the maximum weight the Brij Nedan 2.0 can accommodate?
    The Brij has a maximum loading capacity of 35kg of even weight distribution across the suspended platter. This is the limit of the ISOL-X system.
  • Do your platforms work with my unusually shaped turntable which only has three feet?
    All our platforms are designed for the majority of turntables, CD players, valve amplifiers etc and unusual pieces of equipment which have three feet in a tripod arrangement such as Rega and Roksan type turntables.
  • Will your isolation platforms work with my existing audio rack?
    Yes. Our platforms are slightly larger than the width and length of standard equipment and are designed to allow them to be used with almost any Hi-Fi rack system or stand.
  • Can I choose my own colour and finish?
    Unfortunately, we currently cannot provide bespoke colours.
  • Are isolation platforms only for turntables?
    No. All our platforms are designed for any piece of sensitive audio equipment which can be affected by resonances and interference. Amplifiers, CD players, DAC's and Streamers are often overlooked and yet susceptible to the same external vibrations and interference as a turntable. IMPORTANT - The maximum loading capacity of the Brij Nedan 2.0 is 35kg of even weight distribution across the suspended platter so should easily accept most turntables, CD players and some valve amplifiers but please check carefully the weight of your equipment and how evenly the weight is distributed before mounting. The DUO NIVA and OHJATA Platforms are available in two weight capacities, 35kg and 50kg. If in doubt please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.
  • Can i buy from you?
    Yes, just use our 'CONTACT' page or email us at to get in touch and we'll get back to you and make arrangements. Alternatively, you can buy through one of our retailers, just use the 'More' drop down tab to access the 'HOW TO BUY' page for a full list of retailers.
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