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Elevate your listening experience to another level.

At Audite Acoustics, we specialise in creating innovative audio isolation products for audiophiles, home theatre enthusiasts, and professional recording studios. Made in the UK, our products are designed to improve sound quality by optimising materials and technology which can lower noise floor, improve clarity, detail and bass control. Look up one of our retailers now to arrange a demonstration! 

Brije Nedan 2.0 audio isolation platform showing layers

So you think your system sounds as good as it could?

What's the problem?

Even the most  expensive audio equipment is rarely designed with isolation in mind. Occasionally a tiny proportion of  the budget is devoted to the control and management of vibrations which is a critical component in the enjoyment of your music  Air borne and structural vibrations can have a smearing effect, distorting the sound. Detail is lost, sound stage is reduced and the low frequencies migrate back into your equipment causing bass problems and adding things to your music that just simply shouldn't be there!

Let's solve it!

Our isolation platforms and products are designed to do a specific job, eliminate noise, distortion and interference whilst enhancing the true sound, allowing your equipment to perform to its full potential and for you to hear it as you should! You only have to look at our testimonials to see how our platforms have allowed our customers to enjoy their music in a way they never believed they could. And if you're still not convinced, check out our 'TECH INFO' page to see how our platforms perform under testing. Isn't it time, to hear what you've been missing!

Here the buzz
Listening to Audite Acoustics isolation platform

Hear your music at its best!

We've left no stone unturned to ensure that our products offer unparalleled vibration control. Every part of our platforms have been carefully designed to include a multi layered approach to managing vibrations. Our innovative ISOL-X advanced technology and constrained layer damping, deliver exceptional isolation performance whilst our CircSink footbeds and Sorbothane hemispheres provide a firm foundation that sets the standard for vibration control.

Elegant Design

Of course our platforms are crafted from high-quality materials to offer premium sound isolation and improve your audio listening experience, but we believe that the way something looks is just as important as the way it performs, which is why our platforms boast elegant designs and finishes that complement any equipment or furniture.

Brij Nedan 2.0 isolation platform
Listening to Audite Acoustics isolation platform

Easy to Use

Our Isolation Platforms are designed with both form and function in mind and are simple to set up and easy to use. The looks aren't just skin deep, features like the recessed edges allow you to move your equipment with ease without trapping your fingers.

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"I was gobsmacked right from the beginning, the clarity of the sound was absolutely astounding! The sound was very open, every instrument or voice was locked into place, each having a wonderful space about it. Each note appeared to have its own space, almost like having an ambience around it. Rim shots and anything percussive, sounded incredibly crisp, sharp, fast. Notes decayed beautifully"
Mr Vincent NG


"I bought my first Brij Nedan a couple of years ago and was absolutely knocked out by the vast improvement in my turntable's performance. 
Buying the most  recent model, the result is the same outstanding performance. The bonus for me has been to now move the original Brij to support my amplifier and, quite frankly, make further sound improvements to what I had thought was a pretty good system"

Mr Andrew White


"My favourite product of 2022!
Sonically the Brij Nedan is absolutely amazing and way better than i expected.
I've not come across any equipment that hasnt been improved by using the Brij Nedan. It provides better dynamics, more clarity, more space around the instruments so if you like your current system the Brij will give you more of what you love about your system"

Mr Philip Dixon


Innovative Design Features

  • Sleek elegant design to compliment your equipment and furniture.

  • Carefully positioned rebates to four sides which allow equipment to be easily located and moved without trapping your fingers.

  • High weight carrying capacity of up to 65kg.

  • ISOL-X Hanger technology setting new standards of isolation performance.

  • Deep Layer Chassis Construction’ (DLCC) increases mass and stiffness and improves energy dissipation.

  • Concealed Design System (CDS), balancing technology, system mechanics and beautiful form and aesthetics.

  • Proprietary CircSink footbed technology.

  • Standard dimensions to fit equipment and most HiFi and audio rack systems.

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