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'The material believed to fill the universe above the terrestrial sphere'

Our unique and highly acclaimed ISOL-X hanger technology that has been so effective in our BRIJ NEDAN 2.0, has taken an evolutionary step in our flagship AETHER platform.

Two years of development has led to the birth of the AETHER which represents the pinnacle of audio isolation and incorporates our very latest technological advances, for those that seek the ultimate in audio isolation, without compromise.

The design brief was to create and isolation platform that was effective on all sensitive audio equipment such as Turntables, CD players, solid state and valve amplifiers, DAC's and Streamers.

It has been designed around a number of new ideas and innovations, which have allowed us to stretch the boundaries of design and performance to new levels.

Firstly, the ISOL-X2 hangers lifts the platforms carrying capacity to 60kg, whilst our Deep Layer Chassis Construction (DLCC) increases the mass, density and stiffness for even greater energy dissipation.

The bedrock of all this new innovation is the Concealed Design System (CDS), a new design philosophy which allows us to conceal the ISOL-X2 technology, thus creating a smooth design aesthetic with clean lines to all sides of the platform.

Levelling of the AETHER is achieved by our new fully adjustable levelling system which uses our proprietary footbed technology and a discrete bubble level indicator which is built into the top of the platform for perfect levelling.

Its our most advanced isolation platform to date and if you demand the highest level of design and performance the AETHER is the only isolation platform that combines all our latest technologies and developments for the ultimate in audio isolation for your equipment and components.

What we love . . .
We're biased but two years to create something this good was time well spent!

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Dimensions (approx)

Length 480mm

Width 370mm

Height 80mm

Max Load 60kg

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Satin Black

Satin White.

Images coming soon




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